What is the policy?


There has been, recently, this unclear humming of decision makers about “encouragements” for private investment. Actually, there have been manifestations of a “policy” that aims to boost entrepreneurship especially among graduates in order to create employment.

Being highly in favor of self employment (seems what I’m blogging about), I can’t, however, hide my irritation about an undefined policy that is void of plan.

The decisions that have been announced to the public, though supposed to seem alluring, are actually quite drab. I personally haven’t come across anyone who thinks the advantages to be accorded are exciting or encouraging. The decision, for instance, of excluding capital requirement, which means I don’t have to have any money of my own in order to get a loan and start a business which will be, of course, 100% based on that loan, makes me feel –if not irritated- as indifferent as the panda hanged on my door.

If a government cannot guarantee employment (and it is not expected to, being with liberal orientations) for those who are seeking it, it is, nonetheless, crucial and expected that it ensures a propitious environment for entrepreneurship. The question is HOW?

The answer does not lie in easy decisions made under pressure of public claim for employment. It is hard to admit the positivity or discern the promise of such decisions when they’re not clearly well-founded and when the general context is as ever complicated.

Doubtless, there are setbacks in the current environment of investment. What seems to be logical is to establish an approach of resolving them. As a risk manager, I have learned that in order to find solutions, an approach needs to start by identifying and analyzing the existing problems. It is not to be omitted, moreover, that whatever decisions and measures to be taken are supposed to be included in a well defined global strategy, a long term vision of how private investment is to be regarded in the economical, social and ecological context of our country.

At the end, and regardless of whether governments fulfill their roles or not, entrepreneurs are not made in a way to lay blames or expect encouragements. They are made in a way to respond to the challenges and to seize opportunities in the midst of disorder.



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