The Band Of Ents


Poem By Amit Rahman, My Inspiring Friend And Collaborator.


“Wait for a while,” I shouted and sped towards the horizon,

“are you Treebeard’s clan?” I cried, almost out of breath

but the silhouettes kept receding into the sunset,

a band of weary Ents, persecuted by aws all around.


“Finglas is that you?”, doubting if I could be heard,

I could not help shouting nevertheless,

I had to try and stop them from receding into the desert sands beyond,

so I pressed on, “is that not Fladrif, I see, at your side?”


But it was all in utter vain, only silence greeted me,

save the echoes of my panting words and steps, overwrought,

since serrated Greed and short sighted gains had won the fight

against our dying conscience for rest of both the Time and World!

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One Response to The Band Of Ents

  1. Amit Rahman says:

    Reblogged this on Poems and commented:
    I am honored. Thank you!


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